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About Medzlegal
about medzlegal

Medzlegal has been a trusted partner for legal firms, insurance companies, and healthcare providers seeking reliable medicolegal services.

With a proven track record of success, we have been delivering high-quality, thorough, and timely reviews that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are a dynamic technology-driven organization backed up by industry-standard metrics.

Highly qualified medical experts from all specialties comprise our in-house team. This includes doctors, medico-legal experts, various healthcare and subject-matter professionals, and progressive thought leaders.

Together, they make it possible for us to provide comprehensive and fully compliant quality-assured services at affordable costs and with reasonable turnaround times.

MedzLegal prioritizes providing smart strategies and keen guidance to all our clients. We apply modern innovations and ensure elevated legal performance expertise so you can gain the competitive edge at court.

Our company also understands your need for security, privacy, and data protection. We comply with relevant regulations and requirements to safeguard your patients’ health information at every stage.

At the heart of our company are a range of organizing, summarizing, and reviewing services. Regardless of the size and complexity of your medical records, these services come designed to save time for attorneys, mitigate human error, and improve chances of legal success.

We cater for all the Services in the Realm of Medico-legal Space with a State-of-the-Art Technology enabled Delivery Model.

What we do?

We specialize in Transforming complex Medical Records into Structured Data through manual and technological interventions with compliance.

Sequenced medical events and treatment timeline

Capture the most relevant and significant medical evidence

Customized reports with analytics and linking to all precedents

Who we serve?

Individual Lawyers

Law Firms

Medico legal Consultants

Insurance Companies

Our Vision

To create, sustain and grow a global organization for medicolegal sector and serve as a center of excellence.

Our Mission

To be a highly efficient, affordable qualitative partner for medicolegal support services & products


Superior Expertise:

Our team of highly qualified medical professionals, including physicians and nurses, possesses in-depth knowledge of the medical field. 

Cost and Time Savings:

Our efficient processes and advanced technology enable us to streamline medical record review, saving you valuable time and resources.

Unparalleled Accuracy:

We leave no stone unturned when reviewing medical records, ensuring that no critical details are overlooked. Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering.

Customized Solutions:

We understand that each case is unique. That’s why we offer personalized solutions to meet the specific requirements of law firms and insurance companies.

Our Culture


We act with strong ethics as a priority for everyone representing MedzLegal.


We nurture a culture of humility and continuous learning, which has become one of our bedrock principles.


We take the liberty to ideate and innovate, helping add value to the needs of our clients.


We always work together, as we can create something greater than ourselves as individuals.


We accept full responsibility for our actions and decisions, thus keeping us focused and determined to succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We love giving back to society! We give back to Society in all possible means!

At MedzLegal, we are committed to creating a positive impact in the world through our CSR initiatives. Our CSR initiatives are centered around three key pillars: Environment, Education, and Empowerment.

Looking for experts in Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Mass Tort, Worker’s Compensation, Product Liability, Paralegal Casework, Expert Witness Testimony, Medical Examination, or Insurance Claims? MedzLegal has the solutions you need.

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