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Welcome to MedzLegal!

MedzLegal is a technology driven organization which provides customized medico-legal products and services. We pioneer in reviewing medical records and offering insights, facts, and figures that can help win legal cases & settle claims.

We have a team of medical & paramedical Professionals who have been trained to provide levelheaded medical records review along with support from our US paralegals & industry experts.

With highly qualified medical experts from all specialties, we offer quality assured services in quick turnaround time. We ensure that your records are delivered securely in compliance with HIPAA & HITECH standards. 

Unlock the right insights from medical records!

Our Services

Medical chronology

We provide precise summary of complex medical records that is easy to understand and insightful for winning claims.


Expert medical insights with supporting citations for medical malpractice, personal injury cases and mass torts.

Narrative summary

We present the unstructured medical records into a narration highlighting crucial case components.


Our experts draft demand letters highlighting the victim’s rightful compensation entitlement for the pain and sufferings.

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Missing Records Identification

Quick navigation to records

Med Interpret/ Med-A-Word

PDF Merging & Sorting

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We ensure 
Certified HIPAA ACT​
Cost Effective
Protected Legal Assets​

Certified HIPAA ACT

Cost Effective

Protected Legal Assets

Ethical Practice

Precision insights to help understand the complex medical cases and to make informed decisions.

We provide comprehensive and accurate medical records review services for law firms and insurance companies.

With a team of experienced medical professionals and legal experts, we deliver high-quality and reliable services to our clientele.

Save your time and money!
Our Expertise

Medical Malpractice

Our team analyzes the merits and demerits in the given case and summarizes all the valuable points after a thorough review.

Personal Injury

Our summary entitles all the pros and cons in the provided case and enables our clients to settle the claims.

Mass Tort

Our team provides extensive and promising support for effective handling of challenging mass tort cases

Workers Compensation

Using technology, we collaborate with clients to exceed expectations and enhance our efficient processes for utmost accuracy.

Product Liability

Our team summarizes crucial points to establish product defect as the cause of incurred damages.

Insurance Claims

Efficient and accurate reviews delivered promptly, showcasing our commitment to quality without compromise

Paralegal Services

Our team’s legal expertise ensures thorough review and analysis, closely collaborating with clients for comprehensive case assessment

Clear Filters
Therapy treatment
Medical treatment and prescription
Patient history taken
Medical diagnosis
We deliver precision insights!!

To be a highly efficient, affordable qualitative partner for medicolegal support services & products.

To create, sustain and grow a global organization for medicolegal sector and serve as a center of excellence.

Our speciality is our “Zecure portal” which is encrypted and HIPAA compliant with free secure storage and data security.

We ensure that your records are delivered securely, swiftly and comply with HIPAA standards.

Complying with regulations and requirements for protecting patient health information requires a combination of robust security strategies as well as the appropriate security solutions and sufficient IT resources to implement them. We have integrated the secure upload feature with the latest encryption standards.

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Hear from our happy clients

CA based law firm
“Medzlegal did a great job in assisting our TDF cases. They reduced my voluminous job”
Texas based law firm

“In our crisis situation, we received work product in a day. Kudos to the team”

CA based law firm
“We value Medzlegal’s expertise in analyzing enormous volumes of data involved in premises liability and negligent security cases. They are best”
Texas based law firm

“The work was delivered promptly and good work!”

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