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Technical Services

We offer few technical services for our client’s ease of understanding and navigating the medical records. These services aids in easy access to specific information in case of immense page of records and also benefits in understanding medical terminologies for better understanding.

Some of the services are:


Med-Term feature enhances comprehension of medical terminologies appearing in medical chronology or deposition transcript. Pop-ups of medical terms or deposition terms appear by moving the mouse over the desired term to get simple definitions for complex medical terminologies.

Provider list:

We will prepare a separate provider list including the number of visits and the date range for each provider. The physician specialty will be included in the facility/provider column based on information available in the medical records and web search for ease of your reference.

PDF sorting & merging:

We arrange the disorganized medical records in the order of your preference. Records are sorted into an easy-to-use-format and our team customizes sorting the medical records based on chronological occurrences (date-wise), provider and service types.


Bookmarks provides quick navigation to source page from any link on the summary for easy file access. This service is available as an add on feature for PDF based summaries.


Hyperlinks provides quick navigation to source page from any link on the summary. Hyperlinks service is available only in PDF version. By clicking the page numbers in the hot linked document, it will take you to the corresponding page in the medical records.

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